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April 10, 2022

How to Boost Your Sales in 4 Easy Steps!

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To some people, selling just comes easily; it happens naturally. They get out there and within a few hours, they have a full order book. How do they do it? The key to successful selling is finding a formula or framework that works, practicing it, and sticking with it.

One such framework that has been around for many years and proven to work is A.I.D.A. It’s a great 4 step way to boost your sales and is easy to put into practice. What does it stand for?





Whether you are selling face-to-face, by direct mail, or on web site, this formula will increase your chances of converting prospects into customers. In this article, we’ll look at how following this formula can boost your sales letter responses and increase your conversion rates on your website.


When people receive sales letters or visit websites, their first action is to scan the page to see it applies to them. Before people will go into the body of your sales letter or website, they have to see something that grabs their attention. There has to be a clear prompt that will make them sit up and want to read in more depth. The way to get them past the scanning stage and elicit attention is to come up with a bold opening statement or headline that will really get them wanting to know more!

Your opening statement or headline has to include a benefit for your prospect and be compelling enough for them to want to know more information. Great attention-grabbing headlines can substantially boost your sales. Here are some examples:

• ‘The Secrets of Doubling Your Profits In One Year’

• ‘How to Get More Sales and Increase Your Leisure Time

• ‘Finally Revealed – The Steps to Being a Successful Entrepreneur’

Get an idea? The headline should evoke a feeling of enthusiasm to get to know more about what you are offering.


Having got past the first stage you have their attention, you now need to further develop their interest. In this section of your letter, website, or presentation you start by focusing on what they will get out of buying your product or service – the benefits they will get. To get the most out of this you have to be very clear about who your target market is. It’s no good trying to explain the benefits if the reader is in the wrong industry – they will not be interested.

To keep them interested highlight the pain or pleasure they will avoid or gain by dealing with you. You have to convincingly answer the ‘What’s in it for me?’ question.


Now that you have got them really interested in all the benefits they will get when they buy, you go for the jugular and hammer this feeling home by stoking up their desire!

Remember that people buy for emotional and not logical reasons. If you sell items that can make people feel sexy, feel better about themselves or possibly make them more attractive, then you can create desire by describing how your products will help achieve their dreams!

If you are not lucky enough to sell these products or services, don’t despair, there are other ways to create desire. Offer a range of bonuses, which may cost you very little, but maybe appeal to your potential customers. Put a time-limited offer on the deal, for example, 14 days in which to respond to receive the bonuses.


The last part of the 4 step process is Action. If you have done everything else correctly but don’t directly ask the customer to buy then the chances are you won’t make the sale. Make it easy for them to buy so you can capitalize on all the emotions you have created.

First, ask them to buy! Include a ‘Buy Now’ or ‘Click Here to Order button to make it very clear what you expect them to do next. If you are face-to-face just come out with it and ask if they are ready to complete the deal!

To remove all obstacles that can stand in your way make sure you have a number of ways by which you can take payment. Acceptance of credit cards are becoming almost totally necessary and are the best way to secure a sale while the customer is in the mood, especially on the Internet. If you are relying on them to get out their checkbook, write a cheque, write out an envelope, and then post it, I’m afraid you are likely to have lost a sale. So make it as easy as possible.

Take another look at all your sales literature, your website, and your sales pitch. Are you following the AIDA 4-step process? If not, revamp it all and watch your sales and profits grow!

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