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November 13, 2021

Hinckley Planning Performance Agreement

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If you`re a developer or landowner in the Hinckley area, you may have come across the term “Planning Performance Agreement” (PPA) in your dealings with the local planning authority. But what exactly is a PPA, and why is it important for anyone looking to carry out development in the area?

In simple terms, a PPA is a voluntary agreement between a developer and the planning authority that sets out the terms under which a planning application will be considered. It`s designed to help streamline the planning process and ensure that everyone involved is on the same page about what needs to happen in order for a development to be approved.

PPAs are particularly useful for large or complex projects, where there may be a lot of technical information to digest and a number of different parties involved. By agreeing a PPA at the outset, developers can be sure that they`re providing the right information in the right format, and that the planning authority is fully aware of their intentions.

So how does a PPA work in practice? Essentially, it`s a bespoke agreement that`s tailored to the specific needs of the project in question. It might include details such as the timescale for submitting the planning application, the scope of the development, the level of community engagement required, and the types of information that will need to be provided in order to support the application.

Once the PPA has been agreed, the developer will be given a named planning officer who will act as their main point of contact throughout the planning process. This helps to ensure that everyone is kept informed of progress and any issues that arise can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

From an SEO perspective, it`s worth noting that PPAs can be a useful tool for boosting the visibility of your development project online. By agreeing a PPA, you`ll be demonstrating your commitment to working in partnership with the planning authority and the local community. You may also be able to use the PPA as a platform for publishing regular updates on your project, which can help to build interest and engagement among stakeholders.

If you`re considering carrying out development in the Hinckley area, it`s well worth exploring the potential benefits of a Planning Performance Agreement. By working in partnership with the planning authority, you can help to ensure that your project proceeds smoothly and with the minimum of disruption. And by demonstrating your commitment to transparency and engagement, you can help to build support for your project both online and offline.

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